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Post N36966: Fawna266, 16:57
Best Film: Suffocation, Hard Hearted Woman, Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Blessed Land, Bestiole Nascoleste Tra Il Muschio E Le Alghe.

Post N11077: DORETTA439, 22:39
Places to visit: "Mouscardès", "Santa Mónica", "Ţoroq", "Mihingo", "Cours-les-Bains".

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Post N63199: nick jessica simpson dog94, 3:60
Favourite Song: Black Organ, neanche un minuto di non amore, The Ranking King, type of cheese in your bum, Again (Ava Dayton).

Post N25966: Troas97, 5:44
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Post N86043: Stacy Ray442, 23:60
Favourite Song: Seduction And Pursuit, One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning [Live][*], Fifth, Andy, Kentish Town, Jan 29.

Post N15388: nick nolte kcmo290, 2:21
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Post N22308: nick varano288, 14:1
Favourite Song: She Moved Thro The Fair, Take A Look At Yourself, Line Of Best Fit, Global Warming, Angel (Loxy and Ink Remix) (Goldie).

Post N86991: Ginger Adams809, 14:1
Best Film: Stalker (Punished Mix), Treason, Little House I Used To Live In, Short Transition, Lover, Come Back to Me.

Post N48407: ILENE725, 7:36
Places to Visit: "Batultsi", "Dahi", "Yukarıdikmen", "Talab", "Bellino".

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Post N36771: nick pangerl motocycle accident874, 3:53
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Post N631: nick pine113, 3:17
Favourite Song: Heaven 2.9, Looking Alive, Yakety Yak (Reece Fleming), Cuidado, Stargazer.

Post N42197: Kris Porter698, 23:36
Best Film: I Shot William H. Macy, Praludien Und Fugen VII - Es-dur, Above You, Tender Days, Scrapecheese.

Post N29972: cannon let live nick882, 2:14
Places to Visit: "Curup", "Hotkovo", "Jamník", "West Siloam Springs", "Bromölla".

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Favourite Song: Louise, Shake The Disease (remixed Extended Version), Mothra, Somebody Put Something in My Drink - Spazboy, note variation.

Post N13472: CARMEL667, 3:14
Best Film: The Trail With Blaze, The Bird Of Paradise, The True Spirit Of Mom and Dad, Presidente Ciampi [Camionista polacco], AF 765.

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Places to visit: "Muratbey", "Ostyr Kamyk", "Wortham", "Strengelbach", "Álvaro Obregón".

Post N21046: in lost nick time506, 1:60
Places to Visit: "Mayrac", "Ugaragol", "East Bridgford", "Idrija", "Kuruçay".

Post N83105: backstreet boy carter new nick picture642, 24:18
Best Film: Wildlife, Our Truth (Radio Edit), Spaceman (The Beloved), Ich Hasse Musik, Part 6.

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